What is a Flixel? 5th graders doing the log battle at A Taste of Goose Creek

What’s a Flixel?

A Flixel is just like the image you see here. What it really is, it’s a GIF image. It’s basically a picture that moves.

Mobile app company, Flixel Photos, Inc. developed this iPhone app called, Flixel.

Inspired by Cinemagraphs, Flixel is a newly launched free mobile application that enables users to create beautiful living photos in seconds. A cross between photography and video, Flixel lets you capture a moment, bring it to life with the swipe of a finger and instantly share with friends .

Developed in collaboration with Endloop Mobile, Flixel distinguishes itself via its unique and simple creation process enabling a user to “live paint” his or her animation, thus instantly bringing his photograph to life.

I took this Flixel of my daughter Daniela (white shirt), jousting with her classmate, Celeste, during last Saturday’s A Taste of Goose Creek.

After just a few swipes, I had a cinemagraph. I shared/uploaded it to Flixel using the iPhone app and shared it on Facebook. However, it didn’t show as a cinemagraph on FB. So I uploaded it to Pinterest but it still didn’t show as a cinemagraph. It was a tiny bit frustrating because I wanted to share this with my friends without having to email everyone. It appears that Flixel is following the Instagram model of being a mobile only app. I think though, that there is a potentially strong market for a “web version” where people can browse “Flixels” and share them with friends. Calling Philippe LeBlanc and Marc Homza — please make a web version.

This is why I’m posting it here on my blog. I wanted to share this with friends who aren’t on Flixel yet. This gave me a good reason to blog about something. It’s actually fun and I think I’ll be posting other pictures here as well… maybe even some from my Instagram app.

Click here to get the free Flixel app and have fun making your own cinemagraphs!

Here are some other cool “Flixels:”

Cool train cinemagraph done with Flixel.

Cool train cinemagraph done with Flixel.

Cool Flixel shot with bird flying by with girl and water still.

Cool Flixel shot of a bird flying by with the girl and water standing still.

Click here to get the free Flixel app and have fun making your own cinemagraphs!

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