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Help Japan
I have been so moved by the tragedy that struck Japan in the last week that I’m thinking of ways to help. And I believe, I’m not the only one. Having a deadly earthquake, killer tsunami, and the threat of a nuclear meltdown happen all within the same week is just too much for even the mightiest of nations to handle.

However, in this economy, it’s not easy to give to strangers. They’re human beings too and we know we have to do something but we’re either too busy or don’t have the resources to help.

So I’m thinking of offering up this deal:

If you refer me a client who signs up for my services, I will donate 50% of the first year’s revenues from that client to Japan or the Red Cross in your name and the client’s name.

Not only will you be helping the people of Japan, you’ll also be helping your client get more business and exposure on the internet. When they get more business, they grow, hire more employees, and contribute to economic recovery.

It doesn’t matter where the business is located. My work is internet-based. I am an internet marketer and also provide creative business marketing advice.

I specialize in the following:

Online Video & Internet Marketing ★ Social Media Marketing ★ Article Marketing ★ Blog Marketing ★ Online Press Releases ★ PPC or Pay Per Click ★ CPV/PPV or Cost Per View ★ Media Buys ★ Text Ad Creation ★ Banner Ad Creation ★ A-B Split Testing ★ Info Product Marketing ★ CPA or Cost Per Action Marketing ★ Business Development ★ Lead Capturing ★ Building a Customer Base ★ Autoresponder & Email Marketing ★ Membership Website & Forum Set-Up

So if you know of a company that would most likely benefit from any or all of these services, a helpful nudge in my direction would go a long way. You’ll be helping the people of Japan and countless other lives who’ll be positively affected by that company’s success. It’ll be good for everybody. It’ll be good for the soul.

What are the figures you say? It depends on a number of variables and it’s difficult to pinpoint without knowing who the client is and what type of service they would need. So let’s just say that 50% could range from the hundreds of dollars to the tens of thousands of dollars. It’s a big range, I know but there will be full transparency.

Aside from prayers, it’s the only way to help that I can think of.

What do you think?

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