Would You Donate a Kidney?

[UPDATE: Mom got a kidney transplant. My brother, Rallee, emailed a bunch of people about it. Click here to read it. ]

Many of you might know of my mom, Raquel Villavicencio Balagtas. She is a strong-willed, intelligent, and accomplished woman who has done many good things for others in need. A deeply religious person, she inspires those around her to live a holy life.

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A Cold Winter Morning

I see this sight almost every morning this winter and I’ve always wanted to take a picture of it. It’s a shot of the lake at Crowfield Plantation where I live. It was too cold for me to step out of the car so I took it from inside, using an iPhone 4S.

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Facebook’s New Paper App

Facebook’s Paper app is so gorgeous, it should be the default Facebook app. An elegant design, borrowing familiar cues from another such app, Flipboard, it does a good job giving you the option to add “outside feeds” you can customize based on your interests and what’s important to you.

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