From obscurity to a $200 million exit in 6 weeks

Draw Something creator sells for $200 million. Bought by Zynga. Ok, this is just nuts. OMGPOP, the company that created the latest hit game, Draw Something, just got bought by Zynga.

Draw Something had acquired 35 million customers in just 6 weeks. They sold yesterday to Zynga for a reported $200 million.

From obscurity to headline news (and jet-plane rich) in 6 weeks.

Stories like this about mobile game companies are typical. Yes, it is nuts but not surprising at all anymore.

The numbers speak for themselves, and the reason is simple:

Games make by far the most money out of all mobile apps. You can tell that by just looking at the top grossing charts.

Business Insider’s Matt Lynley sat down with OMGPOP’s CEO Dan Porter, and Zynga’s Chief Mobile Exec, David Ko to find out more about their decision. Here’s the interview.


OMG: 5-Week-Old App Draw Something Hits 20 Million Downloads And Generates 6-Figures Per Day

Draw Something mobile app Original article written by Business Insider’s Alyson Shontell

Three weeks ago, we wrote about OMGPOP’s mobile app, Draw Something. The ten-day-old social game had been downloaded more than 1.2 million times.

Now the company has shared even more staggering numbers with us.  In just five weeks, the pictionary-like game has been downloaded 20 million times.

That’s more users than 3-year-old Foursquare has. That’s almost as many users as 1.5-year-old Instagram.

Draw Something is one of the fastest growing mobile apps of all time.

CEO Dan Porter tells us the game is generating 6-figures per day. His company has generated more revenue from the game in five weeks than the entire company generated last year. He hasn’t spent a dime on marketing since the app’s first week.

Of the 20 million downloads, Porter says 12 million are active users. Celebrities including Miley Cyrus and The Jersey Shore cast have tweeted about it.

It’s the number one app in 79 countries — I can’t even name 79 countries! says Porter.

He says his team of 40 has been run ragged trying to keep up with growth.  Users have produced more than 1 billion drawings. On March 11, 3,000 Draw Something pictures were being made per second.

Porter says part of the genius behind his app is that it requires two people to play.  Most games, like Angry Birds, can be played alone.

Naturally, investors have been reaching out to Porter. Unfortunately Porter doesn’t have any time to spare for them right now.

Here’s an infographic on the extraordinary amount of Draw Something activity (below).

Draw Something Stats
Compelling Drawsome Stats


For more on Draw Something, here’s a walk through of the app , and here’s how the app gained initial traction .

Here’s what the big fuss is all about, check out the app >>

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