About Me

Jet Balagtas My world revolves around my family. Like most parents, I think the world of my kids. They’re simply awesome. My wife is my strength and my confidant. She’s also an incredible cook.

Squash is my most favorite sport to play but I’ll also play a mean game of table tennis and badminton. I like basketball, target shooting, mountain biking, and I’ll watch football if I happen upon it on TV. You could say I’m athletic, I have a competitive streak, I love winning, and that I’m a regular guy. I love grilling food and enjoying it with friends, good beer, and quick wit. I like having my morning espresso to start the day. I like fast cars, planes, and motorcycles.

As a kid, I grew up watching my dad work and tagging along to his meetings. He was an ad exec working as SVP for McCann-Erickson, and a creative genius. Skateboarding around the city, his office was a convenient place for me to hangout. I love fast-paced environments. I have an innate curiosity and high cognitive ability. I’ll learn the skills I need, and find ways to improve upon it. Entrepreneurial by nature, I always see the big picture.

I had a lot of fun in college, although I got serious when it came to quantitative analysis and calculus. I love that stuff. Having a bit of marketing DNA, I was in my element with subjects related to marketing strategy. While in college, I started working for the family business. Then I worked with my dad at a PR firm he founded. I became a single father early, but that didn’t stop me. I co-founded a bar and music lounge where bands played live music. It was the hottest spot in town during it’s time. It still exists today.

I later co-founded a discount/gift card company that garnered 5,000 users in 3 weeks, and that evolved into a cooperative of 30,000 people providing outsourced manufacturing services to companies.

I know I’ve got grit, because when I got married and moved to the U.S., I went into car sales, group health insurance sales (B2B), and mortgage lending. In each, I was “thrown into the pit” to start producing on my own even if I was as green as a pea. I succeeded in all roles. I wrote my own sales scripts and utilized a proprietary streamlined approach to processing sales, always with customer satisfaction as priority.

Striking out on my own again, I found excitement for code, analytics, design, and web development while doing affiliate work for performance ad networks like Clickbooth, NeverBlue, MaxBounty, and others. The same is true, when I pivoted into full stack marketing for small businesses. I basically increased their sales. I built, deployed, launched, and maintained their websites, created and managed their email marketing, lead generation, social media presence, and executed marketing strategies that converted while coming in under budget.

Essentially, I became a Full Stack Marketer and one-man agency who also did a lot of pro bono work. Without formal training, I’d get into the sites’ code to fix design, squash bugs, and improve UX for the site to achieve business goals — a Product Designer of sorts. While still doing this, I designed and developed a game for iOS, managing a team of outsourced developers and quickly realized that I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of code. I took the initiative to obtain coding skills through online courses.

Which led me to complete a grueling 12-week front-end engineering bootcamp at The Iron Yard in Charleston, SC. It is intellectually satisfying, and quite an incredible experience that I would recommend to anyone so inclined. This transformation has left me yearning for more experience, eager to learn more while creating and building amazing things with code. I have this insatiable thirst to constantly become better and contribute to the greater good. Round this all out and I would say I have a tech-agnostic interest in the full stack. I recognize that this is a career you can become better at as you grow older — as long as you have the desire to keep learning. That in itself is exciting.

I am adept at interfacing with all types of people, I collaborate well with others, and I’ve always made lasting friendships wherever I worked. I’m an amateur fan of startups and the VC/investing world.

I like most people I meet, and vice versa.

Message me and say hi 🙂