My iPhone & iPad app is now LIVE on the Apple App Store!

Get the Toilet Paper Prank iPhone & iPad app game today! I have some exciting news. My app, Toilet Paper Prank, is now live on the iTunes App Store! It’s a game that’s fun and works on the iPhone and iPad. Android and Windows Mobile versions are coming soon!

I had a lot of fun developing this app. My development team did an incredible job and we’ll be providing full support and updates to make this game even more enjoyable for the whole family.

It’s on sale now for $0.99 cents but I’m thinking of making it free for a limited time in the future. If you’d like to show your support, click here to get it now and please leave a good review 🙂

Thanks a bunch!


How to be Productive and Complete Projects Fast

Being a marketer who works from home, there tends to be a lot of distraction. It’s not what you think. The distraction comes not from working at home, it comes from having my radar on for the latest and greatest.

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Help for Japan

Help Japan
I have been so moved by the tragedy that struck Japan in the last week that I’m thinking of ways to help. And I believe, I’m not the only one. Having a deadly earthquake, killer tsunami, and the threat of a nuclear meltdown happen all within the same week is just too much for even the mightiest of nations to handle.
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Recommended WordPress Plugins

I’ve been asked by not just a few people about which WordPress Plugins I use and would recommend. And usually, I just mention it casually and start spouting off a list from the top of my head.  Not a good way to do it since I can’t remember every one of them.

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