Hi! Thanks for visiting. This is my back-up portfolio site.

My Angular/Node/Express-based portfolio site is deployed on Heroku, which you can visit at jetb.io/portfolio

Red Dots

Pre Order Alcohol from Liquor Stores Near You
Fall 2015 Cohort | The Iron Yard ● Charleston, SC

Stack: Angular.js, Ionic Framework, MongoDB, Express, Node.js
Tools: Mapbox Api, Gulp.js, Open Source

Red Dots allows customers to pre-order alcohol and pay for it in advance, so that when their order is ready for pick-up, all they have to do is go to the store and show their ID to get their booze.

Customers are greeted with a map showing their current location, with nearby liquor stores indicated by a red martini glass marker.

Tapping on a marker shows a popup with the store’s name, address, and a button that when clicked, shows the customer that store’s product selection with prices.

When store owners signup, their information is saved to a remote db on Heroku, while the Mapbox API converts the address into latitude and longitude then plots the location on the map. They are then redirected to start entering their product selection and pricing. Store owners and admins can CRUD this data, while customers can select from the products and add them to a shopping cart.

From the shopping cart, they can remove products and the running total gets recalculated automatically.

When they checkout, they are taken to a payment view which has inputs for credit card information, and a credit card animation that shows what type of credit card is used based on user input, and flips around for the CVC code on the back. Liquor stores in South Carolina are known as “red dot stores” and are required by law to display 3 big red dots outside the establishment. Hence the name Red Dots.

Map geolocation functionality is implemented via the Mapbox API (big fan).

Awesome Movies  (bb-imdb)

An IMDB-like App That Lets You Manage a List of Movies
Fall 2015 Cohort | The Iron Yard ● Charleston, SC

Stack: Backbone.js, Bootstrap, jQuery, Underscore
Tools: Browserify, node-sass, Watchify


The goal of this homework assignment was to understand the difference between creating your own Backbone constructors and Backbone instances; Understand and be comfortable using Backbone.Model, Backbone.Collection, and Backbone.View; Understand what ‘this’ refers to inside of the methods you extend from a Backbone Constructor; Understand and know how to use NOOP functions like Backbone’s initialize as well as basic properties in Backbone.Model, Backbone.View, and Backbone.Collection.

The requirement was to CRUD these movies, using Backbone’s built in ajax methods.

Powell Peralta

A Recreation of the Powell Peralta Website
Fall 2015 Cohort | The Iron Yard ● Charleston, SC



The objective of this homework assignment was to convert a wireframe into a fully functioning responsive website and to learn how to use developer tools to debug css and html.

Some older work…

…as a full stack digital marketer and one-man full service agency utilizing WordPress combined with various marketing tools and techniques.

Noodle Nerd

A single page responsive parallax scrolling website for a niche restaurant in Summerville, SC that has a lead capture form, interactive food menu with photos in a lightbox, a contact form, and a Google map.

GMB Public Relations

A responsive public relations website for a PR firm in Manila, Philippines

Midland Park Residential Home Care

A simple website for a residential care facility in North Charleston, SC