Under the Magic Hat - brilliant marketing by Magic Hat Brewing Company

Under the Magic Hat

I love this beer. My youngest brother, Rallee, turned me on to it when I visited him and my other brother Gamby, at Bushido Japanese Restaurant — owned by Gamby.

It’s one of my favorite brands, not so much in taste as how I like Newcastle, Guinness Draught, or how I love Belhaven Scottish Stout, but their branding is marvelous. Magic Hat Brewing Company has done a brilliant job in their marketing, customer engagement, and loyalty positioning. Just visit their website and Facebook page to know what I mean. This is brand marketing at one of its best.

Under the Magic Hat - brilliant marketing by Magic Hat Brewing Company

Check out this quote under the bottle cap of one their spring-theme-flavored brews. I was grilling steaks when I decided that a nice beer would be good to chug down and enjoy the weather (just like any avid griller would). As I popped the bottle open on the bottle opener attached to my Master Forge charcoal-only grill, this bottle cap fell on the ground, face-up. Aha… a nice quote deserving of an Instagram shot. I dubbed it, “Under the Magic Hat.”

That’s what I’m talking about. Brilliant but subtle marketing tactics purposefully positioned and aimed at garnering customer loyalty.

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