Facebook’s New Paper App

Facebook’s Paper app is so gorgeous, it should be the default Facebook app. An elegant design, borrowing familiar cues from another such app, Flipboard, it does a good job giving you the option to add “outside feeds” you can customize based on your interests and what’s important to you.

I haven’t been using the main Facebook app the way I used to in a long time. Even my visits on the website greatly decreased. There’s just become too much noise, it was no longer fun. Additionally, my interests have me using other apps which are much more pleasurable to use. But now with Paper , you almost have it all in one app. FB doesn’t even have to be the first tab! I find myself using Paper as much as I do Flipboard .

The devs really thought this out well and put a lot of quality work on this one. Paper is really like reading the paper… or a magazine… with your Facebook friends in one section. I love the fullscreen treatment and intuitive navigation using swipe gestures. Each feed has its own cover and story cards. It’s own “magazine,” if you will. A pretty sweet feature, tilt your phone side-to-side to “look around” a full screen photo! There’s even some gentle assistance when you first take it for a spin, and the opening tutorial is a welcome introduction.

Very well done.

You can get Paper – stories from Facebook here .

You may also want to checkout Flipboard .

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