Pringles can iPhone speaker

This is my Pringles can iPhone speaker amplifier. I made it in 5 minutes, and it was fun!

I saw this featured on Mashable , read it once, and started doing it without referring back to the original post. It’s that easy. Anyone can do it.

Just keep in mind, this is not for getting high quality sound; I mean, just looking at it and seeing how it’s made will already tell you that it’s going to be woefully underpowered — and it is.

It’s pretty cool though, and you can have music while you work and still hear people talking to you. A pair of decent headphones are still best for zoning out.

All you need are a couple of large (I used mediums) binder clips so the can doesn’t roll from side to side, an empty Pringles can, a piece of paper towel or about 14 inches of toilet paper to loosely stuff inside the can, tape, and a box cutter. Total cost: way under $5.

It does produce a much better sound than just the “naked” iPhone’s speakers.

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